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Some mushrooms will get you high as a kite. Some could kill you. Let's get that out of the way. Because it's important to know that so many other mushrooms out there are totally functional and can heal you. Don't believe us? Ask two thousand-year-old ancient healers - you can't. They're long gone. But the history and powerful evidence remain true: Functional mushrooms like the ones found in Hear Me Roar are not psychedelic and have potent power that should be integrated into anyone's wellness plan.

Functional Beneficial Mushrooms are history (and the future)

Whether physical, chemical or biological, adaptogens can work to resist stressors. Centuries of ancient Chinese medicine and tribal discoveries of what each plant or mushroom can do - all that work and risk, all that blood sweat and tears to document on parchment paper with quill pens by candlelight - all culminate into one powerful Zac Efron documentary on Netflix. Just kidding, that was helpful, Zac. You're perfect.

Zac Efron doing ab work maybe he's on adaptogens who knows.

In this Hear Me Roar moment, we're discussing the myths, benefits, and popular uses of adaptogens in culture right now. You've seen so many peak athletes talk about the benefits and how they mix it into their coffee and make it 'super' or mix it into water and just benefit from the stand-alone potency of adaptogens. 

One thing we want to remind you of is this: Adaptogens are not miracle plants. Like anything, just ripping into Hear Me Roar for the adaptogenic benefits won't suddenly give you boosters. A consistent diet of super whole foods over an extended period of time will be the best way to increase and sustain your power in most activities. 

Adaptogens (like Hear Me Roar) only work if you do. Here's another one: Your mind is like a parachute; it only works when you open it. 

One more: Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.

We have tons of these.

Adaptogens are THE moment

First, the term "adaptogen" is basically what describes a natural product like herb or plant-based product like a mushroom. 

In 1969 studies conducted led to the criteria for what makes a substance an adaptogen. 

  1. First, do no harm. Adaptogens should not harm the human body. Periodt.
  2. They must have positive excitation effects on the human body a.k.a. GOOD VIBES ONLY!
  3. They have to reduce the harm caused by stress like fatigue, depression, and infection.
  4. Those GOOD VIBES ONLY? Yeah, there should never be harmful side effects like insomnia, low protein synthesis or excessive energy consumption.

So, you see, "adaptogens" could be your herbal tea but Hear Me Roar is all about adaptogenic mushrooms. 

Hear Me Roar by dittoCSI

Adaptogenic mushrooms are mushrooms that A. fit the criteria you see above and B. no that's it. Just A. 


For the 15 mushrooms that fall under the functional adaptogenic mushroom umbrella, the moment has arrived. These little guys are showing up in powders and capsules in all the wellness stores. Hear Me Roar is full of evidence-based adaptogens that - very important here - mix SUPER WELL with drinks. 

We're looking at you, clunky brown powder in our coffees. No more of that. Because Compound Solutions' PeakO2® has been tried and tested by performance athletes, we're confident that Hear Me Roar is perfect in adding to your daily ritual.

Benefits of Hear Me Roar 

'Adaptogenic' refers to how the substance (mushroom in this case) could affect the body's response to stress. This means, Hear Me Roar is designed to assist your body when you inevitably put it through stress. Physically and biologically, you want to be at peak performance when your body is faced with a power workout, a big test at school, a work presentation, early morning carpool, in-laws... so: life. Be ready for life. 

General Wellness
The combination of six adaptogens (read about all six here) helps to clear up any cognitive fogginess aka Coggy Foggy. We just made that up. You like? 

Most importantly, the natural carbohydrates in mushrooms are called polysaccharides. They are beneficial for the gut. They’re prebiotics. This means that in addition to all of the other benefits that come with adaptogens, you get the gut health that we all know is important to overall human health. 

Oxygen release.
Your muscles need oxygen. When stressed, your muscles need more oxygen. The unique blend allows your body to access more, faster and longer.

Sustained energy.

Hear Me Roar by dittocsi

There have been studies that show consistent use of ingredients in Hear Me Roar delays your body from reaching max exhaustion. This means you have more gas left in the tank even after you think you've reached your limit. Yes, you will be able to withstand one more anecdote from the lovely cashier at the grocery store. Yes, you do have the power for the small talk today. Also, roller skating after a long day.

Most Popular Uses
Some folks mix it into their coffee while so many others use it to replace coffee. The cool thing about Hear Me Roar is once you buy it, it's yours. You tell us what you do with it!  

Want to learn more about the science? Catch us here.  

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