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Instead of asking the question: What is Hear Me Roar? you should be asking what are adaptogensThat's what Hear Me Roar is - a powerful blend of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms from Compound Solutions' famous PeakO2® ingredient. And we mean famous. Celebrities all over the world use this stuff.
They might, you don't know. Probably, right? 

We named this latest product in the dittoCSI lineup Hear Me Roar because of the Lion's Mane. However, you should get to know the other mushrooms in the mix as well. 

Hear Me Roar by dittoCSI and PeakO2®Keep reading because we're going to discuss the ingredients of Hear Me Roar. We're also going to lay out the benefits in a way that you can actually use in your day-to-day lives. Note: roller skating is probably far more realistic than going formula one racing after work. Instead of needing to adapt quickly for a mega-sharp turn, you can adapt quickly to, say, a twig or your semi-steep driveway. The little twigs and rocks are what always get you. Adapt!


Meet the 6 Fun-gi(s) of Hear Me Roar

Known for endurance and exercise benefits, cordyceps may help with other health benefits as well. We can't say what they are here. Just know these little guys are super helpful. Friendly, too. 

Immune booster! May reduce fatigue! Antioxidant properties! Exclamation! They've been around for over 2,000 years and are known as the "mushroom of immortality" so they're kind of bossy, but, hey, they get the job done. 

King Trumpet
This guy. Always tooting his own horn. But seriously, this one is known for immunity and heart health. And in news of the Society of Passionate Mycologists: These are also the largest species in the oyster mushroom genus. Who knew? Literally no one but mycologists, that's who.

What did the pepperoni say about his mushroom wife? "Shiitake too mush." This is just one of many jokes you will find here at Adaptogen Comedy Club. Shiitake mushrooms improve energy and cognition. Also, they may help with immunity and hearth health. We love these little guys but the jokes have to stop.

Lion's Mane
Culinary artists say this tastes like lobster. We like that fun fact but we really like that this may aid in brain health. The lion's mane itself would say, "Stop talking about me like I'm not in the room, guys."

Turkey Tail
This one helps promote immunity while also possibly contributing to better gut health. We love that for you, David. 

Homegrown Adaptogens
The mushrooms in Hear Me Roar are grown on organic oats in the USA. These are non-allergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

Let's have a (real science data) study date
You can always head to our boss site to check out the deeper organoleptics and science, but for some quick science read this below.

In a study with 28 individuals, there was a significant improvement of nearly 4 ml/kg/min for max oxygen consumption (VO2 max). Still with us?  There was a significant improvement in blood lactate levels which helps to optimize performance. In other words, you're a supple cheetah, pouncing across the plains because you saw a tiny bird just waiting to get got. At mile, like, 10, you still have the strength to get your precious. The Hear Me Roar magic means you get extra time before you're totally exhausted. 

This matters for athletes and it matters in life. 

How to enjoy Hear Me Roar
When you tear into the bag, sack, pouch, container, tub, receptacle, satchel,

Hear Me Roar by dittoCSI with PeakO2®attaché, tote... or whatever we end up calling this thing, you will be carried into a world of possibilities. If you can stir it into your favorite drink, hot or cold, go for it. Hot teas, coffees, smoothies,... you name it. Roll up your sleeves and dust off your sieves, it's recipe time. 

Recipe 1
1. Mix Hear Me Roar into a hot drink of choice, like coffee
2. Blend blend blend
3. Freeze into ice cubes
4. Use the ice cubes for your next iced coffee or favorite coffee/smoothie
5. Enjoy your drink, but like, swirl the cubes so they melt. Not that way,  the other way. Yes. Counterclockwise. While you do this, imagine all the little adaptogens melting into the liquid, not with a whimper, but a roar. 
6. Now delight in knowing that you could have done so much less to get your Hear Me Roar and just skipped to recipe 2.

Recipe 2
1. Mix Hear Me Roar into whatever you want 
2. Enjoy

Want to learn more about the science? Catch us here.  

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We didn't make this video, Compound Solutions did. But Hear Me Roar uses PeakO2® so... you should watch it. 


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