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Gut Harmony

Boy, oh boy, do we have some deep science for you on gut health. You've seen the Whole Foods and local market aisles full of kombucha and the pink rose colored/flavored pre- and pro- biotics out there. We love that for you. Although, if you lean in closer, we have a secret. Comere. Closer: Your gut is intricately tied to almost ALL physiological systems (brain, immune, skin, muscle, etc.), which means if you take care of your gut, your gut will take care of you. In order to take care of your gut, you need more short chain fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids aren't in a can of kombucha, sorry hippy dippy mamas. You've got to go deeper and to go deeper you need to get into POSTBIOTICS. Boom, we said it. Gut Harmony is CoreBiome®, the #1 postbiotic in the game right now. Gut health is human health. And when you, fine human, are healthy, we are all a better world. 🧘🏽‍♀️

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