Science-backed glow up? Yes. Easy purchases + easier shipping & returns = warp speed good vibes. 😍


Bright Energy was designed for women who ask too many questions.

Men, too. Anyone who stands in the aisle in the local grocery store, reading the backs of bags, boxes, bottles, and anything else worth reading. The was made for the kind of person who is bolder than most and wants to establish who they are in whatever room they want to be in.

If you’re someone who is usually lost in thought at the grocery store while reading a label, still on the fence about oat milk, ghee, and your best friend's MLM opportunity, Bright Energy is for you.

Imagine you have the entire store to yourself and can read and poke holes in any label you want. Welcome to screenshot heaven. This is it. We invite you to read through this whole thing and then hop on over to our main blog where you can address the concerns about the concerns that parts of this article and our ingredients might cause concern about.

What is Bright Energy?

Bright Energy is the powerful combination of TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ + caffeine. This was created to give energy, mood, and focus without the kind of false energy, crashing, or jitteriness that tons of caffeine (via tons of overpriced trendy coffees) can give you. A smaller dose of coffee was once average and all anyone really drank.

Bright Energy means less cups. Probably. 

Yep, that’s about right. A small cup of coffee. It was once delightful and quaint. Like wearing a fashionable little outfit, sipping a small [150mg of caffeine to be exact) cup of coffee at a Parisian café while enjoying a Proustian moment in time.


Cut to present day where you can order a whopping 32 ounces of coffee at a local coffee shop, feel the tiniest kick of energy, crash back down to earth, order another, and experience all of the negative side-effects of way too much caffeine. We want to give you bright, beautiful energy without all of the things we don’t need, or worse, that could cause harm. Energy should be bright, not scary.


What are TeaCrine® and Dynamine™?

Oh, the science part. Yes, let’s get into this. 

TeaCrine® is a patented compound derived from theacrine that boosts energy, mood, and motivation without being a stimulant. This means you get energy without jitters. It enhances cognitive and physical performance and is safe and non-habit-forming.


  • No impact on blood pressure
  • No irritability
  • Improved alertness
  • Improved attention
  • Sustained focus under fatiguing conditions


What this all means:
You get all the energy and focus you want without the moodiness or jitteriness that having too much coffee every day can give you. This is not to say caffeine is bad! We love a nice cup of coffee – within reason – and many women agree. Forget about the stains on your teeth, think about crashing down, poor sleep, and all of the other side effects of too much caffeine. Bringing Bright Energy into the mix could help you reduce your daily caffeine intake and increase your focus. We like that.


Dynamine™ is kind of like TeaCrine®. Kind of. They are both compound ingredients with similar molecular structures that come from the kucha tea leaf. But Dynamine™ is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid. This amplifies feelings of energy, mood, and focus by activating dopamine receptors and neurotransmitters. It does all this without elevating heart rate or blood pressure.


So the idea of combining TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ makes sense to us. Think of it this way: if TeaCrine® gives you the energy to do the things you need to do, Dynamine™ amplifies those feelings, giving support there, like sassy little rocket boosters strapped onto your designer handbag that you of course got an amazing deal on. At some point during your busy day, the Dynamine™ rocket boosters ease up and you are left with TeaCrine® to safely come back down to earth.

Caffeine alone doesn’t do that that. Not even close. And that’s Bright Energy. A better way to energize your day.




Bright Energy

We’ve been supplying raw ingredients to formulators for over 20 years. So, we’re young and hip. We’re 20ish. Don’t ask for I.D. Learn more about all of our products as they come out. For now, get the inside scoop on Bright Energy – live love laugh in warp speed.

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