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Adaptogenic mushrooms like the ones in Hear Me Roar are accused of being "the latest trend in wellness" and while this may be true from a marketing standpoint, it does not make the value of benefits any less worthwhile as a mainstay in your life.

The good stuff is inside a bag of Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar is delivering the power of evidence-backed PeakO2® as the premium ingredient blend of six adaptogenic mushrooms. This means the benefits will live well beyond the trendy hot shelf life at your local whole foods grocer. This also means that you can enjoy a bag of Hear Me Roar with confidence that you are getting:

  • Reishi for immune-boosting benefits
  • King Trumpet for some heart health benefits
  • Shiitake for energy and cognition plus sides
  • Lion's Mane for more brain health
  • Turkey Tail for some gut health 
  • Cordyceps for some benefits in fighting off the ickies!

You can always dive deeper into the specific evidence-based benefits of each mushroom. Forget about trends and what's "marketable" right now. Remember that ancient Chinese medicine and herbalists have integrated the use of adaptogenic plants for centuries. This is not a trend.


How to enjoy Hear Me Roar 

Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar is a blend of adaptogens. The people asked for it so here it is: no frills, no additives, no funny business.

In the future, we think this will go great with our Collagen Bliss product (coming soon) for a mindblowing better-than-mudwater blend. 

If you can't wait for the Collagen Bliss to hit the site, you have the power! Make this as chocolatey and creamy as you want right now with your favorite cocoa or creamer products. Mix it up. Do your thing. There is no one way to enjoy adaptogens so you're the chef here.

Hear Me Roar mushrooms

It's true that you can enjoy adaptogens through capsules or liquid drops. But if just add this to your favorite drink and go to Norway, you're set. Just kidding, you don't have to go anywhere. The header image is a dreamy view of someone's deck in Norway. Wouldn't that be nice? 

Are there side effects?

As mentioned in our post The Most Beneficial Mushrooms on Earth, we discuss the criteria for what makes an adaptogen an adaptogen. Adaptogenic mushrooms by definition must not harm the body.
"This bag o' Hear Me Roar is safe!" - local mushrooms
Learn more about Hear Me Roar right here. 

If you crave something more than functional additions to your morning ritual, like a bolt of energy instead of a chocolatey wave of endurance, be sure to visit our Bright Energy product page.


Want to learn more about the science? Catch us here. 



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